Hand Made


Cotton Bedding

100 cotton, preshrunk

We hand-dye all of our cotton. Due to this unique process, variations in colour may be noticeable,
your understanding of the individuality of each hand-crafted piece would be appreciated.


All sheets are sewn with 11”/28 cm corners finished. Please indicate for custom sizing. Custom sizes are nor returnable. 4.8 oz, 120 thread count cotton makes bedding that’s heavy and durable, warm and cozy in winter, but breathes well in summer too!

Single (for 39”x75”)
Fitted sheet $50.00
Flat sheet $45.00
Full set with standard pillowslips $110.00

Double (for 54”x75”)
Fitted sheet $55.00
Flat sheet $50.00
Full set with standard pillowslips $125.00

Queen (for 60”x80”)
Fitted sheet $60.00
Flat sheet $55.00
Full set with standard pillowslips $135.00

King (for 80”x80”)
Fitted Sheet $70.00
Flat sheet $65.00
Full set with kind pillowslips $165.00
* King size beds vary, please measure your own mattress for ensure proper sizing.


Standard size (for pillow 20”x25”) $30.00/pair
Queen size (for pillow 20”x30”) $35.00/pair
King size (for pillow 20”x35”) $40.00/pair

** Because the fabrics we use are available in one width, our sheets must have seams. However, we have designed our sheets with the seam sewn specifically with your comfort in mind.

Duvet Covers

All of our duvet covers are made to the size we make our Coco Loco duvets.
Please measure your own before ordering, custom sizes are not returnable.
All fabrics used are preshrunk, and all covers have a zipper closure.

Solid/Mottled colours

Single 66’x88’ or 162×224 cm
Double 77”x88” or 192×224 cm
Queen 88”x88” or 224×224 cm
King 100”x88” or 250×224 cm


Our unique patchwork-style duvet covers are offered in different formats for you to choose from.
1. your choice of 5 different colours, sewn on a diagonal with solid or mottled colour border and back.
2. a random mix of colours, based on your choice for a border and back.
3. a premade panel, normally sewn with a mix of prints and solid colours. There is a limited choice for these, and you will have to email for photos of options to be sent to you.

Single (66”x88”/165×224 cm)
Double (77”x88”/165×224 cm)
Queen (88”x88”/224×224 cm)
King (100”x88”/250×224 cm)

Linen Bedding

We carry a high quality, natural colour linen, available for duvet covers and pillowslips….
prewashed and soft for a genuine shabby chic look!
All duvet covers are sewn with our natural cotton on the back, all with zipper closure.

Duvet Covers

Single (66”x77”/165×224 cm)
Double (77”x88”/192×224 cm)
Queen (88”x88”/224×224 cm)
King (100”x88”/250×224 cm)

Pillowslips, (measurements given for size of pillow)
Standard size (20”x25”) $40.00/pair
Queen size (20”x30”) $45.00/pair
King size (20”x35”) $50.00/pair

Duvets and Pillows

All our feather products use various mixes of Canadian down and feathers.
Weights carefully chosen for optimal warmth in our duvets, and support and comfort in our pillows.
Duvets are sewn in 11” squares so feathers stay evenly distributed,
and edges are double stitched for durability.


All weights indicated refer to quantity of fill only.

66”x88” / 165×224 cm 2 lbs or 908 g $200.00
77”x88” / 192×224 cm 2.5 lbs or 1.14 kg $225.00
88”x88” / 224×224 cm 3 lbs or 1.36 kg $250.00
100”x88” / 250×224 cm 3.5 lbs or 1.6 kg $275.00


Standard size (20”x25”) 2.5 lbs or 1.14 kg $55.00 ea.

Queen size (20”x30”) 2.75 lbs or 1.25 kg $60.00ea.


Our bedding is hand-made from natural cotton, 120 thread count, 4.8 oz, hearty, soft and flannel-like. Hand-dyed in solid colours or ‘mottled’, many colours available.

Sheet sets…

Single ~~ 1x single fitted sheet
~~ 1x single flat sheet
~~ 2x standard pillowslips
Double ~~ 1x double fitted sheet
~~ 1x double flat sheet
~~ 2x standard pillowslips

Queen ~~ 1x queen fitted sheet
~~ 1x queen flat sheet
~~ 2x standard pillowslips

King ~~ 1x king fitted sheet
~~ 1x king flat sheet
~~ 2x king pillowslips
** custom sizing is available, deposit required and measure carefully as no refunds are available on custom orders **
Pillowslips, sets of 2, measurements are finished sizes

Standard ~~ 22 x 30 ~~ $20.00

Queen ~~~~~ 22 x 35 ~~ $25.00

King ~~~~~~ 22 x 40 ~~ $30.00

Duvet Covers ~ available in any of our solid/mottled dyed colours.

Single ~~ 66” x 88” / 165 x 224 cm.
Double ~~ 77” x 88” / 192 x 224 cm.
Queen ~~  88” x 88” / 224 x 224 cm.
King ~~ 100” x 88” / 250 x 224 cm.

Patchwork style, your choice of up to 6 colours, sown on a diagonal, plus border colour one sizes as listed above.

single ~~~ $150
double~~~ $175
queen~~~ $200
king~~~ $225

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